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Naming Days

Baby Namings are a great way to formally acknowledge the arrival and special place of your baby in the world.
A naming day doesn’t need to reflect a specific religion, it is tailored to your views as a couple.  You also have the flexibility to choose where you wish to celebrate, whether it be at your home, local park or other location. Many couples feel they want their child to have the freedom to choose their own beliefs, or sometimes one partner is religious and the other isn’t, so a naming day is a great way to recognise the child. If you wish, religious readings can be offered and godparents can also be acknowledged without being in a church setting. There are also many non-religious options you can choose from to make your naming day memorable and meaningful.
This celebration is often had soon after your baby is born, or for your son or daughter’s first birthday party. It is an opportunity for those special people in your lives to come together and celebrate the life you have brought into the world. 

Butterfly Ceremonies service includes:

  • Initial meeting on the Gold Coast or over Skype 

  • Personalised ceremony created for your child

  • Unlimited phone and email correspondence with me

  • Creative ideas emailed through that you may wish to incorporate into the ceremony

  • Ceremony presented to you on the day as a keepsake as well as an official naming certificate

  • Travel to and from the celebration venue on the day​


Butterfly Ceremonies services Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales.

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